First Hand Report of a UFO with 7-8 Lights
By Fred Lawson Gunn

Last month, on Saturday night, August 21 some friends of mine (about 1 dozen) from High School and I had gathered in front of my house just before 9:00pm. We were just deciding where we wanted to go "hang out" for the evening. I was talking to a girl friend and looking up at the sky when I noticed a configuration of stars that I had never noticed before.

There were about 7-8 stars close together in a straight row and then I noticed they were slowly descending, together, connected somehow. I forgot my conversation with my friend and continued watching these "stars". They continued descending and getting closer to us. One "star" would disappear from the front and one "star" would appear from behind as they descended, giving the impression (to me) that this was an object with some type of illumination on the outer edge and that it was turning.

This object continued to descend, at about a 40 degree angle from the west to the south, slowly and at a steady rate (never speeding up or slowing down), until it was about a half mile away over the forest that started just behind the houses across the street. At this point the "stars" were obviously some sort of lights about 4-5' around, each, and part of a singular object of about 40-50' around. As the object rotated, a blank space could be seen between two of the lights with a slight outline of what I took to be a door, but it could have been anything, and a small green light in the center or the "door:

As it continued to descend and get closer it then tilted forward, all the while continuing to turn, and I could see a small red light in the center of the top of the object. Then it tilted backwards and I could see a small green light in the center of the bottom. The object itself was a dark metallic gray.

At its closest approach it was about 200 yards away and stopped over the tree line and just hovered while still rotating at the same speed throughout the sighting. The whole time it never made a sound, never emitted any type of exhaust and moved effortlessly through the sky. After about 1 minute of hovering (over a clearing that I was familiar with in the forest) it descended below the treeline and I guess, landed. I only assume that since it was lost to view.

At this point the trance was broken and I thought about going into the forest with my friends to investigate. I looked around me to say "Come on, let's go check it out, but everyone had gone. I had been standing there alone watching this thing for who knows how long. I didn't want to run into the black forest alone to investigate so I too ran into my house.

I began recording all of these details, but because of my hurry up the stairs I attracted my parents attention. My Mother didn't want to hear it but my Father, being a scientist, wanted to hear all about it. After I calmed down and related the whole story to him, including drawings, he suggested that I make a reporting to our neighbor across the street. Colonel Good is the Air Traffic Control Officer for Andrews Tower.

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