How do they get here?

This section will deal with some of the ideas regarding how the UFO's actually travel from their civilisation to our planet. One of the main arguments against the reality of the extra-terrestrial nature of UFO's is that sceptics claim, and quite rightly, that the distances involved are just too vast to make space travel a viable option.

Basically this argument can be countered by two main areas of discussion. Firstly, the alien technology is way in advance of our current understanding of space and time and as a result faster than light travel is indeed possible. Secondly the aliens are closer to home than we think, therefore negating the need for travelling vast distances. I will now explain in a bit more detail these two counter arguments and discuss the possible ideas within each that might make these arguments valid.

Closer to Home
As mentioned above, if the aliens have not discovered a means of faster than light travel then we the UFO researcher need to come up with some reasons why they could still be visiting us.

There are 3 main ideas that I want to discuss here.

Within our Solar System
The first is that of the theory that the aliens visiting us are in fact a lot closer to us than the next nearest star. This would mean that either the aliens come from within our solar system or that they exist in another planetary system yet undetected by us. Both of these explanations seem a little unlikely at first, however there are some valid reasons for these thoughts.

Our scientists tell us that no life can exist on any of the other planets within our solar system and the public in general tend to believe as gospel what they say. However, it should be remembered that recently organisms have been found on meteorites which have crashed to Earth from Mars. Scientists are slowly agreeing that life in simple forms could exist within our solar system. Who is to say that other more complex lifeforms could also exist on other planets within our solar system.

It is interesting to remember the stories of the early "contactees" such as George Adamski. Whilst I believe that Adamski had some wild claims, it is still interesting to note that he was told that all the planets had advanced lifeforms on including the moon.

Another theory which has been used several times is that the aliens are some form of "nomadic" civilisation which has set up a base on one of the other planets or is simply orbiting in a super structure like a space station.

Another popular theory that has been put forward over the years is that of the aliens being from some other dimension. This theory has been the main thrust of the famous UFO researcher Jacque Vallee. This would explain the fact that in abduction cases the victims report that the aliens seem to appear suddenly and then to disappear. The victims also report that the aliens seem to be able to walk through solid objects such as chairs, doors and walls. I must admit that I am not one of this theories followers, although the possibility should not be ruled out altogether.

Always been here
Another fairly popular theory is that the "aliens" have always been here on earth, living amongst us. Many reports of underground bases have been made especially recently in Puerto Rico. Also many sea based sightings have stated that the UFO's disappeared underwater after they had been spotted or chased by Jets. This would tend to indicate that maybe there exists a whole world undiscovered by Humans under the sea. One is reminded of the old tales of the lost continent of Atlantis.

This theory certainly would explain many of the questions regarding UFO's, and is also fairly plausible due to the sheer size of the water mass on earth and the vast depths involved. It has been stated that something like 100 new creatures are discovered every year in the oceans of the earth as technology increases the depths to which we can send probes to the deep trenches.

Each of the above theories have their supporters and sceptics. However with the vast number of different alien races that have been visiting our planet it is probably a combination of the above or as we shall see one of the other theories explained below.

Faster than light Travel
As stated earlier one of the arguments that scientists and sceptics use is that they claim it is not possible to go faster than the speed of light. As a result it would not be viable for an advance civilisation to bother visiting us. However as technology develops science is now predicting that faster than light travel is now possible.

There have been many ways that science fiction writers have enabled faster than light travel into their stories. These include Black Holes, Worm Holes, and Gravity Waves. All these 20 years ago were complete fiction, but now all of these are in fact theoretically possible. Black holes have been found and scientists have speculated that travel through them would in theory be possible without being destroyed. Worm holes have been mathematically proven and again they could be used as a mechanism for travel. Gravity waves which have only recently been identified are being investigated. (Gravity is still according to most scientist the least understood of all of the forces of Nature. Who knows what they will find in 20, 50 and 100 years time ?).

Again it is interesting to think back on the claims of Bob Lazar. Now whether you believe his story or not his explanation of how the UFO's travelled space is intriguing. Without going into the full explanation of the Lazar theory, I will briefly summarise. Basically what Lazar said was that the UFO focused their gravity wave generators on the point in space where they what to travel. The gravity generators would pull/warp space between them and the destination, the gravity generators would then be turned off and the craft would "snap" to the destination point. I.E The ship has not actually travelled any distance. It will be interesting to see if this turns out to be how UFOs travel their vast distances.

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